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Paste the decorative paper using melamine

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

In order to ensure the paste quality of melamine decorative paper, there are many matters that need to be paid more attention. Let's learn about the relevant knowledge.

Before pasting the melamine decorative paper, you should apply a layer of polyester paint on the wall to prevent moisture and mildew; and when pasting the veneer, you should always use a clean towel with the overflowing adhesive liquid Wipe clean, especially the glue marks at the seams. It should also be noted that the relative humidity of the air should be selected below 85%, and the temperature should not change drastically. Be sure to avoid construction in wet seasons and on wet walls, and pay attention to requiring the construction personnel to keep their hands and hands Tools should be kept at a high level of cleanliness. If they are stained, they should be cleaned with soapy water or detergent in time.

In addition, the wall surface of melamine decorative paper must also be flat and dry, free of dirt and dust, to ensure that the veneer paper is beautiful and durable, and it is not easy to foam and warp.

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