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Paper Decorations

by:I.DECOR     2020-07-20

Fold it in half then cut it to you end up with 2 items that measure 6″ x 10″. Just finished a couple of small ones and their so small and cute can’t wait to brighten for our baby women 1st birthday this weekend.

If you fold the 6″piece in half then cut you could have 2 three″ items. Bend the wire so the tissue paper pom-pom lays flat. Or when you plan to connect the poms to one thing, go away the wire the way in which it is.

While folded, fold in half and reduce into two smaller halves. Cinco De Mayo is a holiday to commemorate the Mexican military’s victory over France in 1862 through the Franco-Mexican War.

Accordion fold, fasten within the middle with wire, and unfold similar to the half-ball shapes, doing one facet then the opposite. So for anybody who wasn’t to positive like me you should reopen it the.

My husband says he thinks you refold the 6″ piece then reduce it. I took from the directions that you simply fold it in half like a taco , cut , then refold.

Today in the United States this has translated to a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. A nice way to share the history of this vacation is to create handmade decorations.
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