Misunderstandings when using Polaroid paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

With the continuous development of the construction industry, various decorative materials are emerging one after another. As one of them, polaroid paper is also very popular in the market. What are the misunderstandings when using polaroid paper? ? We together look! 1. Polaroid paper is easy to fall off, and it is troublesome to update? In fact, this is not a problem with the Polaroid paper itself. It is because the pasting process does not meet certain requirements. Therefore, in the construction and use, we should try to use the original imported rubber powder. 2. What kind of decorative paper is better to choose? Polaroid paper can be divided into paper wallpaper, natural material wallpaper, plastic wallpaper, glue surface wallpaper, cloth wallpaper, and many other types. The environmental protection and performance of different materials are very different, and the suitable spaces and styles are also different. Users can choose the decorative paper they want according to their own needs and interior design style. 3. Is the cost of decorative paper high? Polaroid paper correct industry explanation: In the decorative paper industry, the price of imported decorative paper is higher than that of domestic wallpaper, the price of natural wallpaper is higher than that of ordinary wallpaper, and the price of big brand wallpaper is higher than that of non-brand wallpaper. But no matter what kind of brand manufacturers, they will take into account the purchasing power of the consumer groups their products are aimed at. Moreover, the effect that decorative paper can reflect and create is far incomparable with other decorative materials, and it is a value-for-money choice. The above is the news and information we have summarized for you. If you have any needs for Polaroid paper, please feel free to inquire. Contact number:

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