Method for preventing cracking of melamine impregnated paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-12

Melamine-impregnated paper is prone to cracking when it is used, and there are many reasons for this phenomenon. In addition to dry weather, the knife edge is repeated when the seam is sewed with a knife; the softening time of the decorative paper is too long, If the expansion and extension are too large, a shrinkage joint will be formed after drying; Generally, to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon, the commonly used effective methods mainly include the following two points introduced by the melamine impregnated paper: 1. To prevent the impregnated paper from cracking, the construction stage is the most important. The trick is to soak it in water before paving, and then apply glue to pave it. Be sure to pay attention to the dipping paper to dry naturally in the shade.
2. Use a syringe to inject glue into the edge of the crack in the impregnated paper and try to stick it again. Or use a special glue powder, apply it to the curled edge, smooth the warped part, blow it with a hair dryer for about 10 seconds, and then press it firmly with your hands until it is firmly adhered, and then blow it with a hair dryer until it is dry. When repairing, pay attention to first determine whether there is also a problem with the base layer. Be sure to extend the repair, and extend the repair range from the cracked place to the vicinity.
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