Melamine paper veneer PK solid wood veneer, how to choose the two

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

Melamine stickers - very affordable and affordable. It has rich color patterns, and has been soaked in melamine resin solution and has no volatility in the air, so that the cabinet board is not easily deformed, and has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance; the disadvantage is that the edge sealing is easy to degumming, and the surface is only flat. No bump effect. Suitable object: The simple style that does not require high budget and pursues practicality. Let everyone know about the specific decorative paper.

1. Smooth finish, smooth hand feel, uniform color
2. Edge sealing No glue leakage, no irritating odor
3. Check the cut surface of the board to ensure that the substrate is tight and thick
The solid wood veneer - the natural texture of solid wood can make up for your regret that you are discouraged by expensive solid wood cabinets. It sticks the natural veneer on the veneer of the base material, which does not look very different from the solid wood cabinet, but the price is much cheaper. You can also choose the color and texture of different tree species, splicing into flowers, etc.; It is not easy to clean, and it is easy to deteriorate in a too humid environment. Suitable object: prefer solid wood texture living room environment with good lighting and ventilation conditions, non-ground floor or basement environment. Purchase items: 1. The corners are rounded and seamless, and the leather is compliant. 2. Try to choose a big brand with guarantee. The solid wood veneer panel cabinets are very particular about craftsmanship. 3. The surface wood grain is clear, the veneer is thick, and there is a natural knot color difference. Texture comparison summary: In terms of price, melamine sticker surface has the advantage, but compared with solid wood cabinets, solid wood veneer is also a more affordable choice; solid wood veneer is more difficult to maintain, and the wear resistance, waterproof and high temperature resistance of the finish is better than that of melamine. The veneer is much worse, and consumers who are afraid of troublesome care do not recommend choosing a panel cabinet with solid wood veneer. u200b

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