Maintenance instructions for veneer veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-26

The use of veneer veneer is well recognized in all aspects. In its use, maintenance is very critical, which has a certain impact on the use effect of veneer veneer. What are the specific aspects that we need to understand Woolen cloth?

About the maintenance of veneer veneer, first of all, avoid excessive humidity in the room to prevent discoloration and mildew on the surface of veneer veneer; when constructing and decorating the wall, a wooden frame should be nailed to avoid contact with cement and brick walls. Direct contact with the surface to prevent moisture and mildew; also avoid excessive drying in the room, the board surface of the veneer veneer should avoid the air outlet or heating of the air conditioner, to prevent the skin from being too dry and cracking and exploding; use a dry cloth or wring it out when cleaning. Gently wipe with the rag after so as not to damage the beauty of the surface paint.

In addition to the above maintenance, the maintenance of veneer veneer paper should also avoid long-term too dry or too humid indoors, and ensure normal indoor ventilation, so as to avoid cracking, mildew, discoloration and other problems of the veneer, and effectively prolong the service life.

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