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Low Formaldehyde Emission Decorative Impregnated Paper

Low Formaldehyde Emission--take sample of artificial board for furniture, tested by desiccator method for 24h according to item 4.12, GB/T 17657-1999 standard, and get the formaldehyde emission. (GB 18584-2001 Hazardous Substance Limit for Interior Decorative Material Wooden Furniture)

Low Formaldehyde Emission-- the desiccator test value. Formaldehyde emission volume absorbed by distilled water during desiccator test. (GB 18580-2001 Hazardous Substance Limit for Interior Decorative Material Artificial Board)

Was there a time, you have ever been confused, why the formaldehyde emission of decorative panel/furniture are out of limit even you purchase E1 environment friendly base board? Because all people focus on the formaldehyde emission from base board, but neglect the emission from decor paper. For a furniture, it doesn’t matter how much formaldehyde it have, but how much it will release to the environment. The decor panel will not be environment friendly any more if the paper you use would release large quantity of formaldehyde, no matter how environment friendly base board you are using.

In 2009, National Forestry General Office issued LY/T1831-2009 Decorative Paper for Artificial Board. Formaldehyde emission is taken as the inspection item for decorative paper, and make two grades according to the market A and B. For A grade, emission should be less than 1.5mg/L, equals to E0 of artificial board. B grade, emission should be less than 3mg/L, equals to E1 of artificial board. 

At the beginning of 2010, T&H Decorative Material Co., Ltd. Started the reserch project of Low Formaldehyde Emission Decorative Impregnated Paper. 

In June, 2010, the first generation of environment friendly decorative impregnated paper was put on the market. Feature is, meet the B grade standard, high requirement of production control, and conformity rate is 85% approx.

In July, 2011, base on the new environment friendly adhesive, the second generation of environment friendly decorative impregnated paper was put on trial production. The feature is, 

Formaldehyde emission far lower than grade A, and achieve 0.5±0.2mg/L; 

Steady production control, conformity rate 100%. Quality agreement can be signed with customer, changing or refunding is acceptable if formaldehyde emission is out of limit.

Widely application, fit for all kinds of impregnation of decorative paper; 

Improve the work of lamination process, reduce the smell of lamination plant and warehouse, solve the problem of staff turnover incurred by environment. 

Storage life will be longer. Because the free formaldehyde in the paper is less, and reduce the hydrolysis of adhesive, the storage life will be increased to 6 month or above, one time longer than industry standard.

High adhesive strength, fast solidify, reduce the time of lamination by 5-8 seconds, and the decor panel still meet the national standard, more efficiency. 

Super cost performance! Such a wonderful product, the price just equals to normal impregnated decorative paper in the market.

After the limit test repeatedly and user trial for one year, all factors of the project is full maturity. Our company will join a new brand of I DECOR and drive the product to the market.

New brand! New image! New technology! Looking forward to your coming!