Is I.DECOR product supply chain complete?
I.DECOR Exp.Imp Co., Ltd. is constructing the supply chain. We partner with reliable material suppliers. We establish a service system to provide after-sales service, delivery services and so on.

With the huge advantages of large factories, I.DECOR is in the leading position in ID Series 2019 field. We will show you the furniture edge series that is most popular with customers. I.DECOR marble sticky paper is carried out by our thoughtful R&D team who have been in the research and development of new wellness products and solutions, popular sauna style and performance. The texture of this product is vivid and clear. It has a long service life thanks to its good shock-proof capacity. It performs excellently in protecting its important components such as LED chips from damping and vibration. This product has sealed package to adapt to environmental conditions.

To provide the high-quality quality printing paper is our prerequisite. Call!
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