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Indiawood Bangalore 2016

Indiawood Bangalore 2016

I Decor Rocks IndiaWood Visitors

I-Decor Stall Theme, Design Trend, Decor Paper Range & The Warm Reception at the Stall was Rated As The Best Amongst Decor Paper Category During The Show.

High quality printed decor paper manufacturer from China, I-Decor rocked Laminate Producers by pressing new design trend at the huge and beautifully designed stall at indiawood show. Mr. J K AND I-decor Team along with his India Respresentative Mr, Sandeep Kedia of Shinto Corporation warmly welcomed all the guests and dignitaries visited at I-decor Pavilion.

Over 200 HPL and LPL producers from India visited I-decor stall and appreciated the display and decor design ranges of I-decor. Mr. kedia personally attended all producers and design selection team who came at his stall. Their synchronized decor paper series, stone series, wooden finish and other natural range was much liked by people in the laminates industry.

There is no doubt that I-decor is fully committed to provide the likes of western world at affordable pricing to the highly competitive Indian market. Their using similar raw material as European/ US companies in China and clubbed with in house systematic checks have ensured a trouble free & fully guaranteed product which has been suitably endorsed by their existing Indian customers during our discussion with them.

I Decor does bring together the strengths of Original Western Designs and the cost competitive manufacturing edge of China under one roof which they have appropriately termed "THE I DECOR ADVANTAGE".

Along with Shinto Corporation, they have addressed to the practical needs of the industry and have designed a single window, absolutely transparent, door to door service to assist the industry both big and small, to take advantage and save costs significantly, which in some cases is proven to be approx. between 30%-50%.

A 45 Day delivery program (From Date of Order -Customers Door Step) all service assistance included at No Extra Cost.

                                                                                                                                          THE PLY REPRORTER & MARCH 2016

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