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If you are busy making money from dawn to dusk, when will you be happy?

If you are busy making money from dawn to dusk, when will you be happy?



    Where is the origin of life? Yes, it's the sea. The primitive single cells that lived in the oceans have experienced a long evolutionary stage, 

and now there are diverse organisms. Human beings are obsessive about the sea, and give it too much ancient and beautiful legends


                              The "Mermaid" is an old subject from the west to the East and from cartoons to films, which has not been much more imagination and

curiousness for the audience. "The legend of the blue sea", with the ancient background of 400 years ago, is localized of this undesirable theme. 

The first unofficial history of South Korea about mermaid story, mermaid's tears could turn into pearls in the Chinese The Classic of the Great Wilderness, 

and the altar lamp burning mermaid oil, in the Qin Emperor's mausoleum and so on. These anecdotes cut the impression of the West's mermaid.

Fantasy, as far as possible to avoid repetition; overhead, retain something familiar. 



                                             Many viewers think the opening can be used as a advetising video of Spain, because of besutiful scenery.

                             The blue sky, the white clouds, the clear green sea, the Hercules lighthouse stands at the end of the world,  like Alice's Wonderland. 

                                                     The mermaid and Xu Junzai's mother both said " the sea is the beginning of another world."

                               Nowadays, the marine environment is being destroyed by human beings, this play also appeals to people to protect halobios and 

                                       purify seawate using an unique angle. The buundless blue sky and sea in the play, is it not a ironic about reality? 



                                    In the play, there is such a funny scene.  After the mermaid comes to Seoul, because of the penniless,she robs a little girl's mone

                                                          However, the girl invited the mermaid to have a meal, when the little girl knows she is hungry. 

                                                       Meanwhile, the little girl says "you can't do anthing without money" and teach her to make money. 

                                       The adult Mermaid nods her head and asks "if you are busy making money from dawn to dusk, when will you be happy?"

                                                                               Q: What is the life that you really want to have? 

                                                                               A: Several intimate friends / Talking about life and future

                                                                                    Bypast some things have already past / The coming days would be long

                                                                                    May all our lives be blessed

                                                     Perhaps this is the beauty of yearning, but the premise is that there must be a comfortable space.

                                                     Green materials, exquisite technology and high quality,  I.DECOR helps you to achieve the dream. 

714920774348456088 (2).jpg

SC-106 Indigo

ID7034 (1).jpg

Indigo is the main color of the whole space and the white is scattered. Daylighting adds to the happy atmosphere, a breeze can throw up the white "foam". 


ID-7037 Eanna Oak


The blue walls, the white ceiling, the woody home decoration and the avant-garde ornaments. 

                                                               In this private and comfortable space,  I have wine and story, would you like to share with me?


Sitting on the sofa, holding a  reading matter and immersing in a virtual space-time is built by the author, shuttling through,

                                                      so that the time is also cozy. This is the moment of satisfaction, yearn for the sea and the  beauty.

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