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How to use plastic veneer for furniture

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-03

Nowadays, less and less furniture is painted, whether it is environmental protection or beautiful and convenient furniture veneer has certain advantages. However, many people feel that the effect is not as good as imagined after using it. In fact, there are ways to use the veneer.

First of all, it depends on what material the substrate is. If the base material is ordinary wood, due to the uneven shrinkage and expansion properties, it is more difficult to dry up, and warpage will occur if it is not done well. If it is dry in winter, you must pay attention to antifreeze, because the latex will lose its stickiness after being frozen, which will affect the fastness to dryness. It must be dried in advance, and a varnish or paint should be brushed on the back to prevent it from being affected by the climate and humidity. The furniture that needs to be glued and the back of the veneer should be brushed with glue, and the glue should be brushed evenly and in an appropriate amount. After brushing, put the two together evenly. In addition, the surface of the substrate must be planed and polished with sandpaper. The temperature of the ring during operation is best maintained at about 20 degrees Celsius.

After such professional operation, its effect can be guaranteed. Of course, we must not forget that in order to ensure its quality, we need to love the quality of the product when purchasing, and such a product will last a lot longer.

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