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How to paste wallpaper in correct steps

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-18

With the improvement of people's living standards, people have new requirements for home furnishings, which are not only green and environmentally friendly, but also economical, practical, simple and comfortable, so many people choose wallpaper, so what are the correct steps to install wallpaper?
No matter at home, office, or other space, decorating the walls with wallpaper requires all preparations in advance, such as setting the style, looking at the material, and inspecting the details. It is very important to buy wallpaper. You can detect its color, pattern, texture, smell, etc. according to four steps - 'look
However, there is another link that needs more attention, that is, the construction of wallpaper, which is related to whether the quality and effect of the wallpaper can really show after it is posted. In fact, many times the phenomenon of warping, discoloration, mildew and so on after the wallpaper is pasted is not the problem of the wallpaper itself, but may be caused by the wall, the technology and judgment of the construction personnel. So, how to accurately and effectively carry out construction and paving of wallpaper? Now, Jialifeng has summed up the most practical 'nine steps of wallpaper construction' for you.
9 steps of wallpaper construction:
1. Choose high-quality wallpaper: choose wallpaper according to style, material, brand, details, etc.;
2. Professional environmental protection accessories: base film and glue are also very important! Look for the national 'Green Ten Rings' certification and the EU 'SVHC' test;
3. Professional wallpaper construction masters: five points for wallpaper and five points for installation, please check the qualifications of teachers who have undergone formal training;
4. Qualified and optimized wall: Select the targeted base film to optimize the wall to achieve smooth, firm, dry, and pollution-free;
6. Confirm the paving position: confirm the position of each wallpaper with the wallpaper construction master to avoid the wrong position;
7. The matching of wallpaper glue: choose the appropriate glue according to the material of the wallpaper , to ensure the service life of the wallpaper;
8. The intermediate link of paving: if any quality problems are found in the wallpaper, immediately stop the work and contact the store to avoid major losses;
9. Professional construction acceptance: smooth surface and neat edges , No obvious seams, stick firmly.
The above are the steps of the mandatory sticker, have you learned it?

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