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How to Paste Veneer Veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-04

The veneer veneer paper is mainly used on various boards. Its function is to better decorate the board and protect the board, but it should also pay attention to its pasting method when using it.

First, smooth and polish the base layer with putty, and apply dry paint or white paint to the tail of the nail. After the base layer is dry, use chemical paste and white latex as adhesives, stick the veneer veneer paper neatly on the base surface, and then brush the paper surface with a clean brush. Secondly, after drying, brush a thin layer of aqueous solution of chemical paste on the paper surface, so that the color of the veneer veneer paper will remain unchanged after drying, and it will be flat and consistent. After drying, you can brush the varnish, the effect is as bright and beautiful as a layer of plastic decorative board.

The veneer veneer paper is thin, and sometimes it is attached to the base layer. Because the base layer is dark or variegated, the traces of the base layer will be exposed after pasting the veneer veneer paper, which is very inconvenient. Elegant, so be sure to use putty first.

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