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How to judge the quality of floor decoration paper?

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-05

How to judge the quality of floor decoration paper?

1. Look at the layering of the texture of the decorative paper. A good decorative paper is printed with professional four-color printing, that is, four sets of colors are used to print the color. On the base paper, the three-dimensional effect is clear, the layers are clear, and multiple colors can be reflected on the same page. At present, this printing method is used by world-class decorative paper suppliers. The domestic decorative paper does not mean that it cannot be used, but uses three The color printed by the register will appear stiff, rigid, and feel very fake. The overall color is one color, slightly turbid, and cannot achieve the expected visual effect, which mainly depends on the equipment cost.

2. At present, the world's top decorative paper manufacturers include: Spanish Lamy, Germany, Germany Sudek, Germany Schatt. The decorative paper is resistant to long-term ultraviolet radiation and does not fade for 15 years, reaching the international blue wool standard level 7. It can be laid on balconies and sun rooms. The price is about 200% of the domestic decorative paper. Ultraviolet components generally fade to varying degrees in three to five years, and appear mottled.

3. Good decorative paper does not pursue luxury, but pursues durability: a single piece of fancy-looking decorative paper will give people a bright and gorgeous visual effect in a short period of time. Once a large area is paved, it is easy to form aesthetic fatigue, and the visual confusion leads to an annoying look and feel. Using melamine impregnated film paper, used in the floor, the pattern is clearer, more anti-ultraviolet radiation, bright and bright, with a mild feel and enjoyment.

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