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How to choose high-quality veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-07

Vehicle veneer is a relatively common veneer, and it is the most common one in household products. We will take a look at how to choose high-quality veneer in a few days.

The first thing to look at is the material, the density of the material, and the defect of the material. If there is a defect, it is best not to buy it. The second is to look at the processing quality. The processing quality of veneer is one of the contents to distinguish the main splicing and non-splicing. The high-quality veneer and slices are fresh in color, uniform everywhere, rich in the sub-gloss unique to wood, and have no obvious natural color difference or rotten discoloration. The texture of the veneer is also very important, usually divided into straight grain and mountain grain. The thickness of the veneer is an important indicator of the texture of the veneer. The dryness and wetness of the veneer determines whether the veneer can be used immediately.

The above are several methods of purchasing veneer. After we understand it, we can choose it when purchasing.

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