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How to choose a parquet?

How to choose a parquet?


First of all, choose the one with good appearance. From the color and lustre, texture of the top layer of wood, if it can meet the standard of level. It should be free of decay, dead knot, knothole, wormhole, bark resin pocket, break or deform. The color and lustre, and texture should be matched in harmony. Also, the tongue and groove around the parquet should be flat.   

Depends on different growing conditions of timber(latitude, elevation, tree size,etc), there will be color difference exsit on multilayer. Manufactures only could try to coordinate it under the help of technology. Actually, only the decorative material apply on the parquet can avoid color difference, like laminating flooring. However, the color difference of the parquet presents the nature essence of real wood.

The bump notch rough sense is the point of design characteristic, which uses parquet. It uses this flash design deliberately in order to strengthen the effect of floor glue connection when sizing paving. The plates bump slot would have a good occlusion that the bite will be more closely, which will prevent the phenomenon of plate separation and will make more sense of the overall effect.

The skin is so thin, does it very easy to be worn?

For parquet, its wear resistance is often not depending on the thickness of the epidermis. The surface coating on the floor plays a decisive role.  When you buy parquet, you should pay more attention to the quality of the surface of the floor. Here is the specific method: place the floor plate surface diagonally in the light place and looking at the floor from head face to see whether its film is uniform and there are wavy indentations or not. (Of course, wavy indentation is not good). Paint coating should be uniform, no bubbles, white spots and their surface should be no obvious stains and breakage.

Currently most of the parquet in the market use newly American paint---VV. It's roller coating is six times and three times UV-light and the two times polishing. The paint can maximize penetrates into the floor so that the film does not drop. Others types floor almost use the ordinary film--- PU film to paint. It likes chocolates covered food, although the thickness of the film is thick, it is easier to fall off.

Compared to PU film, this new type of UV film has good environmental performance, wear-resisting, inflaming retarding and high transparency. It can resist chemical erosion and even you use it for a long time, it will not turn yellow. Meanwhile roller coating feels warmer that Spray paint. . Parquet has such excellent surface treatment, even though its surface is thinner, its wear-resisting is as twice as the national standard.

Next I will introduce the easiest way to detect the precision machining.

For many consumers, they have no experience in selecting parquet. They are very easy to ignore the processing technology of wood flooring. In fact, experienced people all know that the fineness of the processing technology would directly influence the whole effect. The way to check the fineness of the processing technology is very simple. Take five or more floors placed in the same box, then put them on a glass countertop or flat surface, next piece together, after assembly slapping them tightly,  you touch them, and feel whether they are smooth or not. If you feel it irregular obviously, it indicates that the product failed. After touching it, pick up the two assembled parquet in the hands and shake them to see whether they are loose or not.

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