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How to change the decorative effect of melamine decorative paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-02-14

The products of melamine decorative paper manufacturers have a great role in decoration, and when they are used, they can also be used in a variety of ways to make their decorative effects more abundant.

The melamine decorative paper can be hand-painted. The method is to use paint, oil paint, and stickers. For the pattern, it is best to make a draft in advance, and if it is by a professional with painting skills to complete, then the effect will be better. In addition, the method of collage can also be used, that is, splicing according to the texture and texture of the melamine decorative paper, and the colors need to be in one-to-one correspondence.

When collage, it is best to choose some patterns or strong colors of melamine decorative paper to try, you can use decorative paper and paint crosswise, you can also lay striped decorative paper diagonally, or Choose the pattern in the flower wallpaper as the hanging painting to decorate the wall, the effect is very good.

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