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How the technical veneer veneer is glued to the board

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-15

When applying technical veneer veneer paper products to boards, it is necessary to use the glue sticking process, so what are the methods? Decorative paper manufacturers will take you to know about it.
A glue sticking process is cold pressing, which can be glued on the base material of technical veneer veneer paper, and can also be glued on both the base material and the decorative board. The amount of glue applied is slightly larger than that of heat Pressing method, stacking for 24 hours after depressurization, to further cure the resin. The second method is the hot pressing method, which is to apply glue on one side of the base material or decorative board. The glue application is most similar to the veneer. The back of the base material should be glued with a symmetrical layer to prevent the product from warping and deforming. However, in order to reduce the product cost and simplify the process, the decorative board and four veneers can be formed into a slab, and the gluing can be completed at one time.
Although the production efficiency of the hot-pressed adhesive is high and the gluing performance is good, the surface flatness is poor, and the roughness on a certain material is easily reflected on the surface of the decorative board, so under the conditions of the bonding strength permit, Still should try to use low temperature and low pressure gluing process.
The above is the content introduced to you, you can learn more about it in detail, I hope it can help you.

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