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How is melamine decorative paper produced?

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-08

Melamine decorative paper is widely used in home decoration. It can not only customize the pattern according to the needs of consumers, but also needs no maintenance like solid wood. So how is it produced?

It is formed by bonding the substrate and the surface, and is treated with fireproof, anti-abrasion and waterproof soaking. After soaking paper with different colors or textures in resin, drying it to a certain degree of curing, paving it on the surface of the board and hot pressing. To call it a melamine board actually speaks out part of its finish composition.

When choosing, we can choose the suitable pattern according to our own preferences. At the same time, we must choose the products with pattern texture cleaning and bright color. Of course, we should pay attention to paste them when using them to avoid waste.

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