How can I visit I.DECOR factory?
I.DECOR Exp.Imp Co., Ltd. offers tours of our manufacturing facilities. The factory address and other contact information are listed at the "Contact Us" page. We believe that factory visits allow us to share best practices with our partners or to benchmark the performance and practices. We can glean deeper insight into customer needs which can cause product changes and innovation. From our customers perspective, they will have the opportunity to see projects that are not online or in the catalog. We are always working on special projects. Being at the factory allows customers to see our flexibility and ability to adapt to unique applications first hand.

With professional production of flooring paper, I.DECOR has won a broader international market. Various in styles, I.DECOR's art deco decorative paper can meet the needs of different customers. I.DECOR paper decorations is usually tested to control the physicochemical and microbiological stability in order to meet the requirements of the beauty makeup industry. This product is of high quality for durable use. The optical lens of the product has excellent light transmittance capacity, and lighting gathering capacity to enables light to distribute in a certain direction. This product has sealed package to adapt to environmental conditions.

The culture of decorative paper in our team has attracted more and more customers. Get an offer!
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