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HB-407136 Kastanie Oak

HB-407136 Kastanie Oak


【产品介绍】— HB-407136 卡斯坦尼橡木(Kastanie Oak)            

【Production Introduction】— HB-407136 Kastanie Oak


◆Kastanie Oak 卡斯坦尼橡木


The xylem color of Kastanie Oak that direct from Eastern United States is light, heartwood color in light brown to dark brown. Majority of Kastanie Oak showed as diagonal grain.  The texture medium and coarse, long pith ray. Suitable for building materials, furniture and flooring etc. 
品名:卡斯坦尼橡木(Kastanie Oak) HB-407136


Product description: This Oak more shows as  diagonal grain. Graceful and simple texture, strong sense of quality,  quiet elegant of color, excellent quality, and  adding exquisite feeling of scrape during processing. to make it more with international popular in application.

【配色】 【Color Matching】


【家装应用搭配】 Home decoration application and Color matching】

Minimalism  with a primitive mystery beauty. Reality, freedom, without any tedious.
together heart and nature, we will obtain a kind of tranquility forever, this is what the modern people are chasing.

In the pure Art space, everything has been given  mystery color of nature, creating out a state of forgetting anything.

Elegant lifestyle,  shows the deep comprehension of life.

Giving more sunlight for your living room, not only  protects  your heart and physical ,but also shows the perfect decoration of life taste.

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