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Have you contributed to the rise of“Single-oriented Economy”?

Have you contributed to the rise of“Single-oriented Economy”?


On 20th of May, anther special valentine’s day in China, apart from the celebration of sweet valentines, some of single people may spend this day to  celebrate their freedom and joyful life. This leads the rise of “Single-oriented Economy”. Singleist always prefer something distinctive and classy. Living, as a basic part of life, obviously have to be exquisite and comfortable, although you live alone. 


The bright light and white color usage in the room visually enlarge the space. Wood pattern in soft colour tone on the surface of furniture and the gray sofa make the environment warm and cozy. That little green plant  at the corner exactly increases the liveliness. Elm, a tough wood originally, has straight grain and the pattern is clear, natural and rustic.Warm yellow wood, gray textile and silver decorations are matched together to enhance the style. Home is not just the sweet home, but also the symbol of the host’s taste.


             ID-1229 Elm Wood

ID-1229  Elm Wood


ID-1229  Elm Wood
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