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Golden Twenty--No.6 Red apple wood 41206

Golden Twenty--No.6 Red apple wood 41206



Red apple wood 
Code: 41206

Red apple wood. Original from southern Europe, is a kind of deciduous tree with hard and delicate materials, large color change from pale red to brown. The texture great and smooth, with various changes and delicate layers. The design source from comparison of full mountain and half mountain texture, remove excess exaggerated manifestation, make it smooth, and present a better reality.

Application Recommended:  customized wardrobe, office furniture.

Color matching:

Light color apple wood
   Mix with light gray,  the entire space looks elegant.
   Mix with pale blue, presented a little mystery and tranquility.
Dark color apple wood
    Mix with blue, looks simple and clean, fresh and comfortable
    Mix with black looks elegant.

Material specification:

Decorative paper grammage: 70g/m2

PVC Thickness: 0.14mm

Steel plate surface and PVC Surface: Crystal Surface

Steel plate factory: Huamei        Plate Code: 1919

What is Golden Twenty

Golden Twenty -- We pick up 20 popular designs and colors for wardrobe, and keep it in stock of melamine paper and PVC film, retail would be available. So as to lower the risk of keeping stock at customer end. Meanwhile,  with the color matching system, we keep the same color for melamine paper and PVC film, make a easy matching for different furniture.

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