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Golden Twenty No.4 Montes Alps Oak

Golden Twenty No.4 Montes Alps Oak


Golden Twenty No.4 Montes Alpes Oak...

Montes Alps Oak

Code: 40780

Alps oak, mainly from Europe, in this area, the oak with hard and heavy texture, rough structure, elegant color and beautiful appearance, with vivid flower woodgrain, and good touch texture. This design takes from the smart half flower pattern and interspersed in the soft flowing grain lines, shows the characterise of the texture of solid wood, and the embossing surface and archaistic color make it a simple beauty of vicissitudes of age.

Recommend Application

Customized wardrobe, suit house furniture

Matching recommend

Match with light yellow, concise and simple but elegant, make a sense of clean and inflated.

Match with grey, is rich of garden feel, makes life back to simple and natural.

Material specification:

Base paper grammage: 72g/m2

PVC thickness: 0.14mm

Surface: crystal

Steel plate producer: Huamei

Plate code:1919

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