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Golden Twenty--No.3 Apple wood 41209-1

Golden Twenty--No.3 Apple wood 41209-1


Apple wood

Code: 41209-1  

Apple wood, originating from southern Europe, deciduous tree with brown trunk , old skin with irregular longitudinal cracks or flaking, twigs smooth, hard materials but delicate, the color change from pale red to taupe. Design based on the perfect combination between planked and planked, color and color changes, plus the beautifully decorated with white edges modified, so that the whole picture becomes more vivid and vibrant, smooth lines sketched out a clear sense of space.

Recommended application:  class wardrobe,  suite furniture

Color matching suggestion:

Light blue colors give people a whole mix in with a playful sense of calm
Black, simple sincere and full of dynamic

Material Specification:

Decorative paper grammage: 78g/m2

PVC Thickness: 14s
Steel plate surface and PVC Surface: Crystal Surface
Steel factory: Huamei, plates Model: 1919 

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