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From now on ,we are connected with Mumbai.

From now on ,we are connected with Mumbai.

Not only are there a dazzling name card-BOLLYWOOD and kinds of brilliant film locations,

 but also there are full strong sense of violation countless scenes at here through time and space , pluralistic culture and artistic style,in Mumbai.


In preparation for two years,I.DECOR’s the first oversea show room is open to the outside,in 2018. 

It’s located in Munbai,which is the economic center of India.It is convenient and the airport takes more than ten minutes’ drive away.

2018, I.DECOR , Show Room of Mumbai.


DO in Rome as Rome does,the retro leather sofas make the style of Modern and India shade into each other.

The super large conference tables with logs are wild and rizty.Creating a more comfortable enviroment for visitors to discuss.



Push-pull display boards are convenient to select for customers.


Thus,we are connected with Mumbai. So that,we will offer variety of distinctive designs and products about I.DECOR.

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