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Factors affecting the hot pressing effect of melamine decorative paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11
The melamine decorative paper is made by soaking the decorative paper in a melamine solution and then pressing it by heat. Therefore, the factors that affect the effect of hot pressing are also very important. The first is its hot pressing temperature, which can provide the energy required for the curing of the adhesive, while increasing the plasticity of the wood and reducing the hot pressing pressure. The second is the principle of determining the temperature. When determining the temperature, factors such as the type of adhesive, the variety of wood-based panels, the production capacity of the equipment, the moisture content of the slab and the thickness of the plate should be considered carefully. The effect can be better. The third is the time temperature curve, that is, the temperature has a certain change. These are the factors that affect the hot pressing effect of melamine decorative paper. We must pay attention to it during production to prevent accidents.
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