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Don't look down on indoorsman who may be going to creat mythes.

Don't look down on indoorsman who may be going to creat mythes.


When general indoorsman and indoorswoman see a tragic end,shed tears in silence.The seniors may write a fanfiction or draw ,so that give themselves a warm end.The top-levels want to be a director when they grow up,make a beatific and nice end,get 13 Oscar Nominations and 4Oscar statuettes,by the way.

This top indoorsman is a director who shoots The Shape Of Water.



Some people say The Shape Of Water is too vulgar and violent.However,after a thorough understanding of it,which is a hymn of resistance to the strong,pity and sympathy, communication and soul.If the film is just a remark of the Hollywood traditional,it won't get such a popularity affirmation as Oscar's 4 Awards,the American Film Award,the US Derector Of Trad Union and the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival.The world of indoorsman seem mediocre,but it's blus-sky thinking in the brain.They like to stay at home,soak themselves in their world, make something you never imagining.

Do you think the house of indoorsman is ordinary? Look at the Iron Man, you will find a world all its own.

ID-7038 Taconic-Ridge


In your impression,the home of indoorsman is very messy,NO.As a proffessional indoorsman, his home must be clean and comfortable.Warm yellow color as the main color with Taconic-Ridge, which show a vivid texture and magnificent space.

Detailed texture plays the role of adding the finishing touch.


ID1114 Conerete Jungies

White walls and conerete jungies of veneer, create a pure Nordic style.Elegant and simple lamps,rich decorative painting,light grey line sofa,bright yellow single chair,build a sense of science and technology,indoorsman must enjoy them.


Large ,warm yellow and small,light grey make the space tone very well.Unified comparision between the warm color chair and the room of formation and size make a lively workspace for them.


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