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Does the melamine paper impregnated paper have any odor?

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

Some netizens asked whether the melamine paper impregnated paper has any odor, and the following melamine impregnated paper will give you a detailed introduction. 1. The environmental protection of melamine paper impregnated paper depends on the material, the grade of materials, the printing process, etc. We can determine it by burning samples at the scene. The decorative paper with high environmental protection grade has no burning odor or smoke. 2. To choose a brand with good quality and reputation, it is well-made and has no special smell. Backed by strong technical research and development capabilities and professional engineering decoration material manufacturing experience, our company is committed to high-quality product design, manufacturing, and sales, and wholeheartedly creates fashionable, classic, and tasteful melamine paper products for the majority of needy groups. 3. After decorating the room with melamine decorative paper, we need to ventilate the room. Because the melamine decorative paper does not reach consumers until it is produced, shipped, and sold, in order to prevent it from getting damp due to improper storage in the middle.
The above is an introduction to whether the melamine paper impregnated paper has any odor. I hope it will help you. If you have any other questions or needs, you can log in to our official website or call for consultation. We look forward to your call, and also Welcome to cooperate with us!

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