Common problems after melamine dipped paper pressing

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-14

Melamine impregnated paper is very common in home decoration, but there are often some problems that catch manufacturers by surprise during production. This requires the manufacturer's excellent technology to solve these problems well.

The phenomenon of dry flower may be due to poor flow of resin and insufficient dipping amount; defective base material and backing plate; excessive hot pressing temperature. At this time, we can prescribe the right medicine, reduce the hot pressing temperature, increase the pressure of the equipment, and prolong the pressing time. Check the sanding degree of the surface of the substrate, and whether the backing plate and buffer pad are hollow. When wet flower phenomenon occurs, generally because of short hot pressing time, low temperature, low pre-curing degree, and high moisture content of substrate. At this time, we should extend the pressing time, increase the hot pressing temperature, and check whether the dipped paper is too wet. The substrate storage environment must be dry and the humidity should not be too high.

The common problems after melamine impregnated paper lamination are more than these points. In short, we need patience when operating, and strive to achieve the correct standard in every step, which will reduce the occurrence of many problems.

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