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The purchasers of classic linen paper are from both domestic areas and many foreign countries. By virtue of time-tested quality and considerable interests bringing to customers, the product has successfully obtained a large group of loyal customers from different countries. Although they may come from all walks of life or aim at different target customers, they share the same goal of spreading high-quality products to the whole world and bringing unlimited interests to users. As the sales network become sounder and sounder, purchasers can get easier access to the purchasing channel. For example, they can look over product information and choose the products they want through the internet.

I.DECOR Exp.Imp Co., Ltd. ranked first in the finish foil paper market in China. Various in styles, I.DECOR's quality printing paper can meet the needs of different customers. Before the production of I.DECOR wood wall covering , the requirements of raw materials such as substances function, allergens, size, color, and odor are sent to several suppliers to be compared. The product can be cut into any shapes and sizes. The product is popularized due to its stable utilization. The product can be cut into any shapes and sizes.

I.DECOR is committed to the idea of marble laminate paper. Ask!
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