Clarification of hot pressing time for furniture veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-01

In order to better ensure the use effect of furniture veneer paper during processing, it is also necessary to control its moisture content, which requires attention to temperature and time control during hot pressing, so how should it be carried out? Woolen cloth.

Furniture veneer paper under the same hot pressing pressure, different pressing speed will affect the performance and section density distribution. The compression speed is fast, its static bending strength is high, and the internal bonding strength is reduced. If the pressing speed is slow, its static bending strength will decrease, the pre-cured layer will be thickened, and the internal bonding force will be improved, but if it is too slow, it will be too soft to meet the quality requirements. Under normal circumstances, its hot pressing time is certain, but it is not ruled out that the influence of the environment will sometimes shorten or extend its time appropriately, which requires specific circumstances and specific analysis.

The hot-pressed product also needs to be aged to ensure its moisture content is stable. In this way, its performance can be better exerted. Of course, we should also pay attention to checking its quality problems when using it.

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