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China high-end decorative panel association founded

China high-end decorative panel association founded


China high-end decorative panel association founded, gathering the main domestic decorative panel manufacturer from furniture production base, who have the same faith, to produce Good Board with team power. No matter for the base material, decorative paper and panel, impregnation and hot press process, even for the enterprise management, will be requested strictly according to international standard. Meanwhile, we gather the famous artificial board, adhesive, equipment and enterprise management consultant team, to improve the level of whole enterprise. Also, we join the famous decorative paper corporation in the world, to push the new application of the new decorative material together. National authority test department is invited as the third party supervising facility to ensure the high quality of production. Base on all the above, we are doing all the efforts to make our furniture industry stand at the top of the world.    

Our Mission
To integrate the superior resource of China decorative panel industry, achieve resource sharing, advantage complementary, so as to push China furniture decorative industry to grow efficiently, and make the quality and fashion to be synonymous with the world.
1) With policy of Share, Coordination, Service, integrate the advantage of China high-end decorative panel production and the advantage of supporting resource, gether and share the resource, information, technology, management and creation, to make the resonance effect of the whole industry in the domestic market.
2) Because of long term and beneficial operation machanism of association, improving the level of members, maintaining the healthy circulation and sustainable development of decorative panel, preventing cut-throat competition, so as to focus on the research and development of new product, promote the healthy development of decorative panel industry.
3) Bring in the third party quality supervising machanism, form the supervising system, to ensure the product is controlled and traceable.
4) Promote brand building, involved in consumption market, pushing the healthy development of customized furniture market in China.
5) Members share the brand and resource of association fairly.
6) Level up the quality and concept of furniture and decorative material of China, and increase the creation and competition in the world.
7) Build the integrated platform, provide the voluntary service for members for project evaluation, planning, project standardize copy, financial service, financial management, capital coach, legal assistant, business diagnosis etc.

Core members
President unit
Shenzhen Touch Industry Co., Ltd.

executive director unit
Asia Chuangjian(Huizhou) Timber industry Co., Ltd.
Zhangzhou Zhongfu Timber industry Co., Ltd.
T&H Decorative Material Co., Ltd.
Pirbright Timber Industry Co., Ltd.
Schattdecor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Wemhoener (Changzhou) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
HUECK Rheinische GmbH
Rehau (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Huizhou Good board Co., Ltd.
Furen Timber(Fuzhou) Co., Ltd.

Member unit
Shenzhen Touch Co., Ltd.
Huizhou Good board Co., Ltd.

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