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Can you make do with the life?

Can you make do with the life?


Can you make do with the life?  

About our product



      Part.1 Enhancing the interior space style

Fresh and natural style brings full vitality, just as comfortable and indolent as Nordic city. Green plant is the        best choice.Wood, metal, cloth, the combination of different materials, fashion and practical, beautiful and simple,    elegent and natural, is a trip between conservative and dominant.  






                  Part.2 Adding a flavor of life

The warm oak is interspersed with a lot of black ashes.The use of pottery and metal decorations show the preference of the owner to the postmodernism style.The  unique mountain grain is a symbol of noble oak. Simple and sufficient storage space so that saying goodbye to your "obsessive-compulsive disorder". It's important  to be happy for life.





                           ID-8001Papenbury Buche  

The warm and humid  marine climate breeds  this German town and the soft tone, clear texture of the Papenbury Buche.This elegant wood color, is catering to the current consumers' pursuit of naturalistic home.






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