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BT044 | The most beautiful colors of Qatar World Cup

BT044 | The most beautiful colors of Qatar World Cup




The 2022 World Cup emblem looks like a white trophy from a distance, and resembles an English "infinity" symbol and the "8" in Arabic numerals, and is decorated with a succulent grape color pattern.



The Qatari flag is the symbol and emblem of Qatar and is a horizontal rectangle with a length to width ratio of approximately 28:11. The flag is white on one side of the pole and succulent grape on the right, with a jagged joint between the two colors, also known as the longest flag.


The most striking color of the Qatar flag and World Cup emblem is the succulent grape.


BT044 Succulent Grape is a combination of mysterious deep purple hues, exuding authority and prestige, full of aristocratic gentleman-like connotations, and exuding a rich artistic flavor.


I have to say that Succulent Grape is a charming and boundless color that occupies the visual center without moving.

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