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Briefly describe the 20 details that the decorative paper production workshop must know

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-13

Today, the decorative paper will introduce to you 20 details that the production workshop needs to know. Let's understand together.

Detail 1
The voltage of the socket is identified above all electrical sockets.
Purpose: To prevent low-voltage equipment from being mistakenly connected to high-voltage.
Detail 2
Identifies whether it is a 'push' or a 'pull' on the front and rear of all doors.
Purpose: It can greatly reduce the chance of the door being damaged, and it is also very convenient for ordinary entry and exit.
Detail 3
The product indication sheet for urgent production is distinguished by another color.
Purpose: To remind to prioritize the production line, prioritize inspection, prioritize packaging and prioritize shipments, etc.
Detail 4
All containers with high pressure inside should be firmly fixed, such as fire extinguishers, oxygen cylinders, etc.
Objective: To reduce the occurrence of accidents.
Detail 5
When a new person is working on the production line, 'new person work' is marked on the new person's arm.
Purpose: On the one hand, it reminds the newcomer that he is still a novice, and on the other hand, the online QC staff can take special care of him.
Detail 6
For the door of the factory that has people entering and leaving but needs to be closed all the time, a lever that can be closed 'automatically' can be installed on the door.
Purpose: On the one hand, it can ensure that the door is always closed, and on the other hand, the chance of the door being damaged is also reduced (no one will forcefully open and close the door).
Detail 7
Specify the high and low inventory of finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials, and identify the current inventory.
Purpose: The real stock situation can be clearly known. Prevents overstocking and sometimes products that are needed but not in stock.
Detail 8
The switch button of the production line should not face the aisle as much as possible. If it is really necessary to face the aisle, it can also be protected by an outer cover.
Purpose: This can prevent the vehicles passing in and out of the aisle from colliding with the buttons by mistake, causing unnecessary accidents.
Detail 9
The control center of the factory does not allow outsiders to enter except for the staff.
Purpose: To prevent major accidents caused by the 'curiosity' of unrelated personnel.
Details 10
Ammeters, voltmeters, pressure gauges and other pointer types, use a striking marker to mark the range that the pointer should be in when it is working normally.
Purpose: It is easier to know whether the device is in normal state under normal working conditions.
Details 11
Don't trust the temperature displayed on the device, it is necessary to repeat the confirmation regularly with an infrared thermometer.
Objective: To avoid a wide range of poor quality caused by equipment temperature error.
Details 12
The first piece does not just refer to the one produced on the same day. The following descriptions, in a strict sense, are all 'first pieces': the first piece after the daily startup, and the first piece after the replacement part is produced. Items, the first item after machine failure repair, the first item after mold repair or adjustment, the first item after the countermeasures for quality problems, the first item after the operator is replaced, the first item after the operating conditions are reset, and the first item after a power outage The first piece, the first piece before closing, etc.
Objective: It can prevent the occurrence of fish that slip through the net of defective products in each link.
Details 13
The tools for locking screws are all magnetic, which is convenient for removing screws.
Purpose: In case the screw falls on the workbench, it is also very easy to use the tool's magnetism to pick it up.
Details 14
If the received work contact list, coordination letter, etc. cannot be completed on time or cannot be completed, it should be submitted in writing and the reason should be submitted back to the sending department.
Purpose: To allow the issuing department to understand the actual situation at the first time and adjust the countermeasures in time.
Details 15
Under the conditions allowed by the production line layout, try to allocate similar products to different production lines and different workshops for production.
Purpose: In this way, the possibility of mixing similar products is reduced.
Details 16
Color pictures for products such as packaging, sales, salespersons, etc.
Objective: To reduce the probability of them admitting the wrong product.
Detail 17
All tools in the lab are hung from the walls and their shapes are drawn on the walls.
Purpose: This way, once the tool has been lent, it is very easy to know.
Detail 18
In the statistical analysis report, every other row should be shaded as the background color.
Purpose: This makes the report look much clearer.
Details 19
For some important test equipment, the daily 'first piece' is tested with specially selected 'defective pieces'.
Purpose: It can be clearly known whether the reliability of the equipment meets the requirements.
Detail 20
For some products with important appearance, it is not necessary to use iron inspection tools, but some self-made plastic or wooden inspection tools can be used.
Objective: Effectively reduce the probability of the product being scratched.
The above is the content introduced to you, you can learn more about it, I hope it can help you.

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