Brief introduction of 90222 decor paper 4 feet
As one of the most popular products in I. Decor, 90222 decor paper 4 feet wins increasing popularity.
I.DECOR 90222  decor paper 4 feet TC Series image36
It is manufactured with paper. It has a humanized design. It caters to the foreign markets. We adopt advanced technologies in the production, such as arcolor ink, T&H ink (according to special requirement). By reason of more than thousands of designs, such as wood grain design, solid design and fantasy design, the typical features of 90222 decor paper 4 feet are anti-dirty. It can be used in flooring, table top, kitchen cabinet etc. The certificates of ISO9001:2008 standard have been attained. If the warranty period of 1 year(s) expires, you need to pay for the cost for extra warranty service. To meet various needs of customers, I. Decor supports customized 90222 decor paper 4 feet. If you are a fan of 90222 decor paper 4 feet, please leave out the following content and directly click on http://i-decors.allweyes.com/12.

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