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Brief analysis of pasting knowledge of melamine decorative paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

Before the protective paper of the melamine decorative paper is torn off, it should be sprayed with water, and then gradually scraped with a scraper, so how is it pasted? Decorative paper tells everyone.

Prepare the relevant materials and tools first, including paper powder, milky white glue, rollers, nitro varnish, towels, wallpaper knives and sandpaper, etc. Make sure its surface is dry, sand it smooth, and fill in the holes with putty if necessary. Among them, the manual veneer mainly uses white latex or all-purpose glue, and evenly coats the glue on the surface of the board, and then covers it with decorative paper, taking care not to let air bubbles in. Finally, scrape off the glue extruded from the edge of the board with a knife, and this is done. I hope these contents can be helpful to everyone's use.
In addition, if different melamine decorative papers are pasted on the wardrobes, laminate floors, cabinets and other products at home, they will have different effects, and the protection of the products will increase their lifespan.
The above is the content introduced to you, you can learn more about it in detail, I hope it can help you.

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