Advantages of veneer veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-04-11

The veneer is made of natural wood as the raw material after processing. The veneer veneer is the decorative paper of the veneer, which can be designed with unique texture and color according to the needs.

The veneer veneer has many unique advantages and can be used in furniture manufacturing, saving time and effort, and has a wide range of choices, which effectively improves the competitiveness of the product. Secondly, in the process of natural growth of logs, due to climate, tree species, geography and other reasons, there will be some performance defects, and the texture structure and color cannot fully meet the requirements, and the veneer veneer trims the defects of natural wood, It makes up for the performance defects of logs and has an excellent decorative effect.

In addition, veneer veneer paper is an environmentally friendly decorative material, which will not produce formaldehyde and other harmful substances during the production and use process, and can be selected with confidence.

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