Things You Need to Know Before Decorative Painting
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Things You Need to Know Before Decorative Painting

Decorative paintings have had the potential to draw the attention of people starting from the early civilizations. From traditional paintings on cavern walls done by historic people to the new Italian frescos, decorative painting has been a part of artistic ornamentation. Artists in the old days used water and animal fat for binding paint into the surfaces but in the modern area we have sophisticated paints and paint products which simplify the process. Decorative painting enhances beauty and value and provides a chic look to your home. There are lots of things to remember before starting a decorative painting project for your home. Here are some important points:

The first important consideration is paint color selection. It is best to choose a color which will compliment your wallpaper, carpet and home furniture. Visit your nearest decorative painting store and look for different samples you can bring home. 

Secondly, make sure the surface to be decoratively painted is prepared appropriately before you start the painting work. A correct base coating is essential to get the best outcome for your decorative painting project. Overall results will depend upon the base coat color. You have to apply base coat color into the surface area evenly without using roller marks and brush. Allowing enough drying time period between the different layers is important so as to prevent your wall from paint bleeding.