Substrate quality of melamine impregnated paper

by:I.DECOR     2022-02-25

The base material used by melamine impregnated paper manufacturers will directly affect its quality, which is an important guarantee for the quality of impregnated paper, so we must pay attention to this aspect.

When choosing a substrate, we must pay attention to its quality, check whether the surface is smooth and clean, no water stains, oil stains are allowed, no slipping edges, gnawing heads, etc. within the effective size, from the most basic To ensure the quality of the substrate. It is required that the deviation of the selected thickness of the substrate should not exceed 0.2mm, and the moisture content of the board should be controlled within a reasonable range. If the moisture content is too low, or the volatile content of the impregnated paper is too low, the surface may not be well wetted during hot pressing, resulting in the phenomenon of cardboard delamination.

Before laying the melamine impregnated paper, it should be soaked in water, and then applied with glue, and be sure to dry in the shade.

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