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How to choose high-quality furniture veneer

by:I.DECOR     2022-05-07

Furniture veneer is a product that we use very widely in home improvement. It can be said that its use is very important for the style and maintenance of furniture. What should we pay attention to when buying it?

First of all, look at the material carefully. The texture of the veneer with tight material is fine and smooth, and the construction strength is good, otherwise it will be easily broken during the construction process. In addition, the processing quality mainly depends on whether the oblique knife marks and rough burrs, pollution and damage can be clearly seen on the surface of the veneer, and whether the thickness is uniform and reaches the marking thickness. Of course, it also depends on the color of the product. The high-quality product slices are fresh in color, uniform in all directions, and rich in the unique sub-gloss of wood.

Of course, we should also pay attention to the correct maintenance of it when using it.

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